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Valves specialist manufacturer trusted
with the highest quality

Since its establishment in 1987, Daejung Valve Co., Ltd. has grown into a trusted valve manufacturer with advanced technology and the best quality. Under solid management, we are always doing our best to provide better products to our customers by obtaining domestic and international standards such as KS, KC, KFI, API, CE, ISO, etc.
As a result, our high performance butterfly valves and aluminum butterfly valves have become well known for the best quality in Korea. Along with the domestic marked we also entered the global market and are exporting our products under our proprietary brand "MAX-SEAL". Currently, we focus on the development and supply of Hydrogen Valves and Cryogenic Valves, and by that aim to become a true global company.


This 3MAX slogan expresses our principle to always put product quality and customer satisfaction first.
We aim to become a company that gains worldwide recognition for continuous investment and active market development! We will always do our best to become the Daejung Valve that grows with you as customers.

Tyler Jang
President & CEO